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War against Ukraine – How To Help


Way To Help #1 (donations)

Lviv – Supplies Distribution 

Ongoing effort

A team of Ukrainian men and women on the ground in Lviv and other western Ukrainian cities coordinate and collect requirements from people in Kyiv (capital), Kharkiv (second largest city, currently in combat, under shelling, and possibly under siege) to supply with essentials gear, including radios,  flashlights and other gear. 

How to Donate? 

PrivateBank Card #…. 

Alternatively click here for 

IHeartUkraine PayPal Fundraiser, and we will forward the funds to this cause. 

Way to Help #2 (donate)

Donate To PayPal Fundraiser

This one we personally set up to help 

IHeartUkraine Fundraiser PayPal

Way To Help #3. (virtual fundraising events)

Attend Virtual Event / Meet Local Heros

Thursday 1:00 PM EST / 10:00AM PST / 20:00 UKR

Way to Help #4. (NJ, also NY)

Donate physical goods in NJ

NovaPoshta (“NewPost” rough equivalent of the UPS or FEDEX – private Ukrainian post service), has opened collection centers across the world. American one is here: 

27 Merry Lane

East Hanover, NJ 07936


Mon – Fri 09:00-5:00PM

What To Bring? What is needed? 

Any winter items, warm clothes, medical supplies. 

Here’s an example list from our friends:

Way to Help #5 (from anywhere, non-region specific)


Legal Help 

I was asked several times to provide simplified guidance on the refugee legal process to seek asylum in the US and Canada. 

Any links, text description would be helpful. 

Any volunteers who can assist individual refugees with paperwork, applications etc – please let us know your willingness to help on this. 


To help us maintain this site in three languages, please consider helping us with translation services. 

Social Media Updates

We need to set up and maintain the following: 

  1. IHeartUkraine Facebook page
  2. IHeartUkraine Instagram page
  3. IHeartUkraine Twitter page

Video Content Editors / YouTubers

  1. We need someone to maintain a YouTube channel. Daily (or few times a week) short updates would be great. 

Send us an email to admin[at] to let us know how you could help. 

Way to Help #6 

Existing Fundraisers / Charity Organizations: 

NovaUkraine Fundraiser:

Save Life In Ukraine

Andrey Vysokon

… buying and delivering vehicles, medicine to the border:

+48 733 603 020 Telegram or WhatsApp

Canada Ukraine Foundation

Targeted humanitarian Aid, hygiene, medicine, food


Supplying military medical staff. 

Voices of Children

Helping children. 


Funding the front lines. Providing psychological assistance. 

Vostok SOS

Supplying humanitarian aid, psychological adaptation, legal assistance. 

Way to Help #7

Political Action – Get Involved – Get Heard

Contact your representatives. See directions.

Way to Help #8 (Los Angeles)

Happen to Live In LA? 
Want to make an impact?

Way to Help #9

MEEST (a prominent Ukrainian private parcel service) accepting items from this priority list:

More info here:


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  1. CuFoundation Направление: гуманитарная помощь, гигиена, лекарства, еда.

  2. Госпитальеры Направление: комплектование военных медиков.

  3. Voices Of Children Направление: помощь детям

  4. LifeLine Ukraine Направление: финансирование горячей линии, психологическая помощь.

  5. Vostok SOS Направление: гуманитарная помощь в конфликтных зонах, психологическая адаптация, юридическая помощь.